Giving back to our community

We are not only committed to producing great coffee, but also to making a change in our community.  The farm is home to 11 families, who are also the farm workers.  As part of giving back to our coffee community, we provide each family with land for their personal crop, a school for the children, and a church.  We are also in the process of building each family a cinder block house.  With your business, you can help us give back to our coffee family. 

the school

Normally, most of the children would be working alongside their parents, travelling many miles by foot to make it to school.  We believe education is the foundation for progress, and our children are the future.  So, in 2014, we built a new cinder block school for our kids.  2015 saw the first graduating class come through.  

Currently, the school supports pre-kinder through the 6th grade. The goal: expand the building and gain personnel in order to add a high school and complete the children's education. 


In August 2015, we decided to improve everyone's households. This means sturdier materials of construction (cinder block), complete bathrooms, more living space, a fireplace, and more.             We have completed two of these houses.  The goal: to provide everyone with a new and improved house for them to come home to after a long day's work on the fields. 


The church was already standing when we purchased the farm.  Since then, we have completely renovated its interior, bought new pews, a new Bible, and every year we organize our "posada." The goal: expand personnel for a priest, restore the bell, maintain the building in good shape. 


  • The men of the farm organized a San Luis soccer team.  In 2015 they participated in their first competition and won the tournament!
  • Piñatas are a big part of a Guatemalan kid's childhood.  We celebrated graduation day with minions!