Explore our unique "Seed to Cup" program!

Meet "Dos Niñas"

Dos Niñas Coffee, as you may have guessed, is centered around two girls.  The Schippers sisters spent much of their childhood in the picturesque Guatemalan Countryside on their family's farm, Finca San Luis El Volcancito. Now living stateside, the two girls have dedicated themselves to the work of introducing roasters across the US to the exceptional coffee the Schippers family has been producing for four generations.  

So, what sets Dos Niñas apart?   A relentless dedication to our Core Values:  Family, Quality & Traceability. 


Family means everything to us.  Our parents have always instilled in us a sense of unity, respect and the strength of the family bond. This will forever remain ingrained in us, and is the cornerstone of Dos Niñas Coffee Importers.  We were taught to treat the greater community around us as family.  To us, family means unconditional love, looking out for each other, and working together to achieve far beyond what we could do on our own.  The specialty coffee industry has become an extended family to us, and we are always eager to add new members.  We cannot wait to share a cup, and make you feel at home with us!



Our father always says: "If you're going to do something, do it right or don't do it at all." Everyday, we strive to produce the best coffee possible. We know what a difference the little details make.  We understand how important quality is to you. Our coffee begins as seedlings of only the highest quality varieties.  After months of careful rearing in our nursery, it is planted in the rich volcanic soil of San Luis.  At harvest, each cherry is picked by expert pickers at the peak of ripeness.  All coffee is processed at our on-site beneficio, equipped with newly tiled fermentation tanks for superior clarity.  We are constantly innovating, working hard to push the boundaries of quality so that you can enjoy our coffee at its finest.



As a coffee roaster, you know a thing or two about hard work and family business.  You know what it means to put your heart and soul into your craft.  In the same way, we take a special kind of pride in our harvest; it's a pride that comes from knowing that every hand that labors alongside us is compensated fairly.  It's that same pride that drives us in caring for this land that we love.  The rich Guatemala soil has served our family for almost five generations.  We work hard to ensure that it serves many more after us. Dos Niñas is dedicated to full traceability and transparency.  From the seedlings in our nursery, to the finished product in your roaster, our coffee embodies our respect and reverence for land and labor. 

Taking the "Seed to Cup" Story a Step Further

We are eager to guide you and your customers through our coffee's story, step by step.  We are ready to partner with you in helping your customers experience coffee in a unique and authentic way. 

  • Our social media feeds are updated constantly with fresh photos and stories from the farm, so that your customers are always connected to their coffee at origin. 
  • Nuestra casa es su casa (Our house is your house) - Finca San Luis has an ongoing "open door" policy.  We love hosting roasters, baristas, coffee professionals and coffee lovers at the farm. Contact us to arrange for the coffee adventure of a lifetime. 

  • Finca Viajera (Traveling Farm) - We know that planning a trip to visit our beautiful Guatemalan home may not be in your plans this year. No need to worry, we'll bring the farm to you.  We love to visit cafes and roasteries, in person, to connect with coffee lovers, answer questions and share stories and photos of life on the coffee farm.  Seeing your customers, baristas and family enjoying our coffee fuels our passion to continue our pursuit of the highest quality coffee we can imagine.  Drop a line to set up a visit!